About Us







We are Susan and David Rabern.

Welcome to our world, a beautiful farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Well, it’s actually two farms, but that’s all part of our story. 

It all started when we decided we wanted to buy a small farm and retire from the Navy (Susan) and Air Force (David).  In January 2002 we bought a “fixer-upper.”  It looked like this on the outside. 

The Original House









The Original Kitchen...who picked those countertops?



 But it looked like this on the inside.  Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!  Run away!!!







The Original Barn




 The barn looked like this.  Help!!





And the pond that looked like this.

The Original Pond









But it had a cute little guest cottage that looked like this.

The Guest Cottage









And so we moved in…with our two dogs, Jackson and Timber.

Jackson & Timber









And began a little remodeling project that turned into this.

Just a little touching up here and there ought to do it.











And after a year, finally looked like this.

The Finished House on Oak Tree Farm








We are delighted to introduce our many animals, especially our alpacas, their glorious fiber, and our pure Shenandoah-made alpaca yarn.  It’s  the softest, warmest, and snuggliest stuff on the planet.






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